Skot Sexton

Skot has been tattooing professionally since 1998. He has had a love for drawing for as long as he can remember. Skot got his start in tattooing by being introduced to the punk rock scene, loud, fast music, tattoos and piercings.

He was fascinated by the individuality and attitude these designs brought to the people in the crowd that wore them on the street. Skot tries to bring that same feeling with the tattoos that he creates.

He is proud to work with a good “family” crew of artists, some that he has worked with for well over 10 years. He enjoys all tattoo styles from black and gray to new school color. He loves the tattoo industry!

To schedule an appointment with Skot, you must speak with him directly. Skot’s days off are Monday’s and Wednesdays. If he is not in when you call, no other artist can schedule for him.