Buddy Patterson

Buddy has always been a huge fan of pretty much all forms of art for as long as he can remember. He was 14 when he did his first tattoo and instantly fell in love with the art. He got his first job in a studio at 16 and by 17 he was managing the shop.

In 2003 he met two of his best friends, Skot Sexton (tattooist) and Damean Farley (shop owner) and together they created Altered Image Tattoo and Body . Altered Image Tattoo and Body has been home to many great artists over the years.

Buddy has worked with so many amazing artists over the years that have taught him a tremendous amount about tattooing, the tattoo industry, and art in general, to which he soaked up every bit of. He is thankful to them for sharing their knowledge to help him to become the tattoo artist that he is today.

To schedule an appointment with Buddy, you must speak with him directly. Buddy is off every other weekend. If he is not in when you call, no other artist can schedule for him.

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