Piercing Aftercare

It is important to remember that piercings heal from the inside out. Even though your may look and feel healed it may still be healing on the inside.

Practicing good hygiene, staying hydrated, following aftercare, and being healthy will make for a much smoother healing time. For the comfort and safety of your and body it is important to downsize your jewelry when needed. Do not be rushed to change out your jewelry sooner than recommended. You can always visit your local piercer for a check-up, downsize, or jewelry change out.

Allow Your Piercing to Heal Properly

External aftercare:

    • Soak the piercing by submerging it in sterile saline solution or applying saline to gauze and gently compressing twice a day
    • No soaps, alcohol, peroxide, ointments, or creams should be used on your piercing
    • Allow water to run over the piercing at the end of a shower to remove debris
    • Allow the piercing to air dry, fibers from clothes or cotton products may harbor bacteria.

What you might see:

    • Localized bruising may occur after your peircing
    • Slight swelling, tenderness, and skin tightening may happen
    • Spot bleeding may occur
    • A yellow-white discharge that forms a champagne/honey colored crust on your jewelry.

What not to do/be aware of:

    • There is no need to rotate, twist, or shift your jewelry
    • Do not touch, play, or pick and your new piercing
    • Do not submerge your piercing in bodies of water
    • Avoid contact with other’s bodily fluids during your healing time
    • Do not sleep on your new piercing
    • Do not apply cosmetic products on your new piercing
    • Be aware of hairbrushes, seat belts, and tight fitting clothing depending on your piercing

Oral after care:

    • Rinse with saline solution when you wake up and before bed
    • Rinse with cold purified water after every meal
    • Use a new soft bristled brush to brush your teeth
    • Ice water and cold drink will help with swelling
    • Hard, crunchy, and tough foods may be difficult
    • Try to sleep with your head elevated
    • At 3-6 weeks a downsize of the jewelry may be needed for comfort

What not to do:

    • Do not play with your new piercing, it may cause tearing or tooth and gum injury
    • Avoid contact with other’s bodily fluids during the healing time
    • Avoid picking at your new piercing
    • Do not twist, rotate, or shift your jewelry

What you may see:

  • Spot bleeding may occur after your new piercing
  • You will some swelling and tenderness for about a week and a half to two weeks
  • White gunk may build up on your jewelry that can be gently removed with a soft toothbrush
  • You may see some bruising after your piercing

For any other questions you may have regarding the healing process of your new piercing please feel free to contact us:

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