Jess Wallace

Growing up in a tattoo shop, and being surrounded by artists always played a huge role in my life. Art was my “escape” from the world around me. So naturally I did what anyone would do and went to school for a degree in Graphic design, and quickly found out that it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I wanted to be able to do art and express my self with no boundaries. Long story short I married someone in the military, had my first child, and spent a good 3 and a half years moving around and being a stay at home mom before a I got back into doing artwork for myself. It was time for me to find myself again. With a great deal of encouragement from family they convinced me to take that scary leap and go for an apprenticeship. Within a few days I was in love with this crazy world and would never even think about looking back. 5 years later I’m just as in love with it as I was before, but now with 2 littles girls and trying to give them the best life possible. The fact that I get to bring my girls up in this world surrounded by some truly amazing artists and people in general has been an experience that they’ll always be able to remember. Being able to go to work, hear some mind blowing stories, and reasoning behind their tattoo that you get to create for them is a blessing in its own. There no better feeling than seeing someone smile because a piece of artwork you got to create just for them!


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